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PostSubject: ~~!RULES!~~   Tue Aug 21, 2012 9:56 pm

There are not many rules on this server which we, the staff, do not like. It doesnt limit the server. But we do have a few basic Rules so we dont affend other players.
Here they are :
1. Be Respectful- that means don't make other people feel bad/down.
2. Griefing is allowed.
3. Don't ask the staff for items or promotions.
4. Do not use ANY racial slurs.
-1st is warning
-2nd is mute
( May just be a mute at first )
5. Please do not cuss.
6. Do not build any offensive/nasty structures
( swasticas, penises, etc )
7. Do not spam the chat.
-1st is warning
-2nd is mute
-3rd 1 day tempban
(May just be a mute at first)
8. Whatever mod is not blocked, IS allowed
9. DO NOT set fire to Public buildings such as the spawn or event areas.
-Instant jail for how ever bad it is
Why? Because setting fire could kill players or even destroy
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